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Our Pastor



Our pastor is Pastor Art Conrad. Pastor Art has been a pastor for over 30 years. He is experienced in many facets of the ministry. Some of these include; youth pastor, interim pastor, senior pastor, and ministries that include; Northern Light Ministries, that he is the Executive Director. This ministry takes youth, father and son, into the Canadian wilderness. He is a conference speaker for Relight, a ministry that challenges many to “keep the fire burning”. He is also a published author of a book called, “Your Heart, God’s Firebox”, explaining how to keep the fire burning in your heart and life. Pastor Art joined us in the Spring of 2022, and is connecting with many in the congregation with his Bible based, uplifting and informative sermons. He makes a point to welcome those in the Sanctuary before the service. Please join us as we are lead in worship by Pastor Art Conrad.

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